Range Policies

  1. Safety is always our number one priority.
  2. There are no uncased guns allowed in the club house.
  3. All gun actions open at all times. Load your ammunition only when you are on your station.
  4. Sign up sheet is in the club house. Sign up before and after shooting, marking down the number of rounds and pay the cashier. Also mark the amount paid on the sheet.
  5. Annual Dues are $40 with reduced rates for spouses and students.

Range Fees

  1. Trap or Skeet = $4.00 per round of 25 targets
    5-Stand = $4.00 per round of 25 targets
  2. Pistol Indoor = $4.00. Daily fee includes first round of 30 shots. Additional rounds are $1.00 each.
  3. Archery Indoor = $3.00 for the first round and $1.00 for each additional round.
  4. Outdoor Rifle Range open FREE to all members at all times except when shotgun ranges are open. Bring your own targets.
  5. Normal Clubhouse and Shotgun Range hours are Wednesdays after 2:00 p.m.
  6. Some shotgun shells and reloading supplies are available. Supplies are brought in during the spring, some can be supplied upon request. .22 CAL. ammo is also in stock in limited quantities.
  7. Feel free to ask any questions, there is a list of officers posted in the club house.
  8. Meetings are open to all members and are usually done by request.
  9. All events will be posted on the calendar in the club house.
  10. Everyone is apart of the club and is expected to clean up after ones self.
    The .22 caliber and center fire Pistol Leagues start in early January. The .22 caliber Rifle League starts in late winter. Shotgun leagues start in early May. All leagues are handicapped so don’t be afraid to sign up. It is not required but is a lot of fun.
  11. If a range is open you are allowed to use it by joining a squad or starting your own. Don’t feel you have to wait to be asked, some people come to just watch.
  12. Have fun and treat all members with respect.